zw_thingsThings to know about Z&W

We are a fee-only, not a fee-based, investment advisory firm. Some firms offer their services in either format, the latter allowing for commission-based activities as part of advisory compensation. We believe doing so unnecessarily opens the door for conflict.

As a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission, our duty is to provide conflict-free advice. The standard for some other providers in the investment world is one of suitability, i.e. if the product being sold is “suitable” for the client The litmus test in this suitability question often comes down to whether the client can afford to lose the money being invested. Our clients share our preference for capital preservation, and can truly rely on our firm to recommend to them only investments the firm and its employees invest in, and to do so without outside compensation.

We are a non-discretionary investment advisor. We do make investment recommendations to clients, but the client retains ultimate authority over the investment decision. We are accountable to the client for the outcome, and we fully implement the investment plan once it is in place. However, it is not our money to invest, it is the clients’ money and our process is designed with that fact in mind.

We have no strategic alliances with any other firms, be they financial, legal, or accounting. Clients decide which provider they wish to deal with and we work with whomever they choose. We do, however, assist the client in assessing the best fit and make recommendations regarding various providers when requested, but in no case do we receive any direct reciprocal benefit from any such recommendation.

We are a privately held organization. Ownership has transferred from Richard Zemenick and Jim Walker to Chris Griesedieck, John Johnson and Bill Stude. Agreements are already in place to continue the shareholding to the next tier of management. Doing so is intended to further an established, orderly transition along with a stable work environment benefitting both the firm and clients alike.