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Zemenick & Walker, Inc., is a registered investment advisory firm in Clayton, Missouri, specializing in handling the asset management needs of high net worth individuals, qualified retirement plans, and not-for-profit entities.

Our firm serves as the Chief Investment Officer for its clients, offering non-discretionary investment advice on a fee-only basis. Our firm currently manages over $1.9 billion for some 171 clients located in 22 states across the country. Clients who benefit most from our services are those with investment portfolios in excess of $5 million as the complexities associated with income taxes, estate taxes, charitable gifting, and retirement planning require specific expertise.

Each client engagement begins with a thorough due diligence process designed to reveal client goals and risk tolerances, while outlining the client’s overall financial position and the role the investment portfolio plays in each. The due diligence process culminates in a written investment policy which leads to an initial investment plan.

Investment portfolios are reviewed with clients on a quarterly basis. Investment recommendations are prepared each quarter based upon various factors including the investment results for the quarter, the client’s incoming or outgoing cash flow needs, and the ever-changing status of taxes. Once the client has approved the investment plan, implementation of the plan is the firm’s responsibility.